Sometimes you have no idea what God is doing. It sneaks up on you.

Never in my wildest dreams would I have imagined this growth in Rooted In Love… but God!
As of March 2021, Rooted In Love will be overseeing some of the strip club outreach that has been under the loving care of Kelly Master’s, Emerge Outreach.  Kelly has nurtured the Emerge non-profit to grow and visit 14 clubs in western NJ and Philadelphia.

Kelly has graciously passed the Philadelphia baton to Rooted In Love. We will now see around 250 women in the strip clubs each month.

God sure knows how to connect the dots. Through a conversation with a local Brick pastor I found Kelly.
I had never heard of strip club ministry. Once I did….. God broke my heart for it. Lisa (my friend and teammate) and I became Kelly’s “groupies”. We went to pack ministry bags, went to see her speak, trained under her and more.  

Through the years I have gone out with Kelly in the NJ and Philly clubs for outreach numerous times. Little did I know what God had in store for both of us.

Throughout the entire journey Kelly has been an incredible leader, mentor and friend. I can not thank her enough for the Christ-like example she has been.

I am forever humbled that God has allowed me to do this type of ministry and now has grown it beyond what I could ever have imagined.  

Please pray for both the ministries. Transition can be a difficult time.


Lots of people ask me…. How can I help? How can I get involved?

There is a place for everyone!

-Prayer is so important. Would you like to be a part of the prayer team? This would include getting an email about specific prayer requests, praying for outreach, and the ministry as a whole.
-Help us with gift bags. We give small gift bags each month to the women. As you can imagine 300 women a month is a lot. So, If you have a group that would like to provide bags for some or all the clubs please let me know. Connect us with sources for donations for bags.

- Connect us to resources.

- Connect us to churches or groups to help spread the mission.

-Financial support

-Would you like to help organize an event? Assist behind the scenes?

-Strip club outreach is not for everyone. I truly believe God needs to call you to this type of ministry. Anyone who is interested needs to be trained and go through the application process.

-Prayer. It’s worth a second mention. You can never have too much.

Karen Peet
Director and Founder of Rooted In Love

Please don't hesitate to contact us with any questions. or 732-903-4431